CrossFit & Functional Group Fitness…do you have any better ideas?

Looking to enhance, improve, or build on your quality of life? Somewhat of a rhetorical and funny question, but this is the basic principle that guides the most trending and medically sound form of exercise. I would also argue that this structure is more comprehensive and applies to a wider range of people than any other. It is also the basic principle that has guided the world’s largest fitness organization to create a $4.5 billion empire with over 13,000 locations in nearly 130 countries around the world!

The CrossFit regimen developed by Greg Glassman was created over several decades and has managed to capture the minds, hearts, and inner-strength of millions of people around the world. CrossFit is described by Glassman as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. In simple terms, “Why not workout by performing movements that are applicable to your everyday life?” This one sentence has been applied to individuals at all walks in life, athletic backgrounds, body types, and ages. However, I believe CrossFit faces an epidemic of misunderstanding…the misunderstanding of what a normal “CrossFitter” looks like. Less than 1% of the general CrossFit population has the ability to compete at the level we see on TV, on ads, or the thousands of Instagram and Facebook profiles that crawl our phones every day. If there was such thing as a “normal” CrossFitter, I would describe this person as having a certain mentality, not body type. This person has a few different things:

1. They have goals! Maybe not specific and measurable at the moment, but goals of becoming better than they are today.
2. They have learned the importance of having variety, enjoyment, and accountability as it relates to their fitness, wellness, and personal growth.
3. They know what they didn’t have before. Confusing to understand at first read, but you will understand when you take your first class!

In that same respect, CrossFit and any other organization implementing functional group fitness, has some basic principles that set the foundation for the success of their members:

1. You will receive more instruction and credibility than you are used to.
2. You will experience an atmosphere you haven't seen in a long time or possibly ever.
3. You will meet someone 10 years older that is faster, stronger, and more motivated, but will ensure you never miss a workout!
4. You will find community and accountability that will never fade. Even if you don't want it, the group will know your name, and encourage you until you leave that door.

Here is the bottom line: the premise of creating a group fitness model around functional movements was much more than an idea. It is the foundation of the largest fitness brand on earth, and the model that every other progressive, and GROWING fitness company is attempting to implement. Why? Because it works! If you haven’t been involved in CrossFit or any other functional group fitness program, release your preconceived ideas and insecurities, and find out what the rest of the world is raving about. Contact us, and we can help you find that new home!

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