Everyone can do it!

The gyms we partner with provide everyone with instruction, no matter what age, stage in life, or goals you may have!

Classes are designed to show you results on a regular basis.

You will track results and progress daily to ensure the program fits YOU specifically: such as the time it takes to complete a specific workout, the number of reps completed in a certain period, the amount of weight you lift, or even just your ability to complete a specific movement!

What is Staylight, Really?

Are you tired of wasting time, jumping from gym to gym, searching for the perfect fitness program?

At Staylight, our team interviews, screens, and selects our favorite fitness programs near you so that you don’t have to guess!

We believe that CrossFit offers the most comprehensive, sustainable, and life-applicable fitness program on the market. It is results driven, energetic, fun, community based, and scalable to your personal fitness level!

We want to eliminate any preconceived ideas you may have on CrossFit, and educate you on both the short, and long-term health benefits.

Monthly Membership

Any Age, Fitness Level or Body-Type

We Ensure That Our Program and Your Goals Align

Unlimited Instructor-Lead Classes